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Our Practice

In our office everyone is treated as our guest, friend, neighbor or a member of the family. We enjoy seeing whole families, from a child’s first dental visit, and provide all dental services, including cosmetic dentistry, fillings and crowns, root canals, extractions, dentures and implant restorations.  Our patients come to us for exceptional dental care. Dr. Ronald Grafton and Dr. Aaron Grafton are devoted to providing value for services, with an emphasis on the best treatment to suit your individual needs.  Both Doctors have a passion for providing state of the art dentistry, in a comfortable and relaxing environment.   Their practice focus is on prevention and dentistry that is minimally invasive.  Cosmetically, the doctors’ goal is to create a beautiful smile that looks natural, like it grew there on its own.



Dr Grafton enjoys working with children and is dedicated to making children feel comfortable and confident.  We work to build a positive and enjoyable relationship with children early on.  The office has a play area with children’s books and toys.  Dr Grafton builds trust with children he treats by showing and demonstrating things to the child.  We do not use nitrous oxide or otherwise sedate or restrain children. 


Elder Care

Located on the ground floor adjacent to handicap parking, our office is easily accessible for people with limited mobility. Dr Grafton enjoys treating elderly patients and sometimes is able to make nursing home visits.  Dr Grafton listens to every patient’s needs and desires and provides the best possible treatment for each individual according to their special needs.

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